Becky Browne has been the owner/instructor of The Becky Browne School of Tai Chi since 1995.  

She holds a degree in recreation from Arizona State University.  Becky has studied with the five Grandmasters from China during two International Tai Chi Symposiums;  she has also studied with Master Peter Ziboce in Hong Kong as well as other Masters around the United States.

She has been an invited speaker for many annual state and regional conferences on aging and health, as well as university conferences and classes.  She has been an invited speaker for numerous medical support groups, has conducted workshops for corporate employee appreciation days, and has been the featured speaker for all the area hospitals at their “Lunch and Learn” programs.

Her primary emphasis through the years as a Tai Chi instructor has been in working with the senior adult population.  So many of the benefits of this gracious mind and body exercise perfectly coincide with the needs of aging problems.  Concerns like poor balance, weakened muscles, loss of flexibility, the shallowness of breath, anxiety, arthritis, retired brainwork...  Tai Chi addresses all of these growing problems and more.  Becky’s love for seniors, her compassion, her patience, and her gift for teaching make her work a joy and a mission. 

Exciting results have been shown in classes Becky has taught for “at risk” school kids.  Through standing meditation and the slow movements of Tai Chi, the students quiet their minds and become focused – the reality is visual!  She is able to immediately capture and keep their attention through each Tai Chi session.

Becky Browne is a natural teacher.  Her energy and calmness, her strength and softness, her focus, and her enthusiasm are contagious.  Her mission is a commitment to improving the mind, body, and spirit of those who cross her path.